Sunday, 16 September 2018

Common Misconceptions Regarding Catering Companies

In terms of party catering Sydney, the best step is to hire a professionally operating company rather than going the DIY way. The top reason is that these days, the taste of the food is the biggest parameter to adjudge the success or failure of an event and the benchmarks are really high in terms or corporate events. However, some people think the other way and assume that through DIY too, they can manage the entire situation. However, this is just a misconception just like several other prevailing in the minds of the people. Here are some of them.

Catering for Corporate Events do not Require a lot of Staff

• Some hosts do think about cost cutting while organising corporate party catering Sydney, but this is not the right approach. 
• The correct method is to let enough catering staff be there to handle all your guests right on time.
• Without sufficient number of staff, it will take longer to serve each guest and it will also take longer to clear all the used dishes.

Catered food is Bland and Boring

• As far as professionally running and experienced catering companies are concerned, the situation is totally opposite. 
• The reason is that they believe that success comes only when you pour your heart out in your efforts and understand that half-hearted attempts are not sufficient anyway.
• This is why they take all the necessary steps to ensure that the food they put on your table is always excellent.

Every Caterer is Equal

• This is another very huge misconception in the minds of the people that they assume every party catering Sydney company to be same.
• However, the fact is that just like every other commodity, this service too differs a lot in terms of quality, design, experience, presentation, post-event services and additional services and so on. 
• Therefore, it’s very important that prior to selection, a research is carried out on the catering companies and you should read customer reviews or ask friends and family for recommendations on local caterers. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Build Healthy Business Relationships with Catering Services

Corporate Party Services
With the rapidly changing and evolving corporate world, business relations are tending to adopt corporate meetings to maintain and achieve long term relationships and accomplish your business goals. We know that relations aren’t built through phone conversations, e-mails or sales discussions but a strong relation always require a personal touch in it, which could be achieved through personal meetings.
These days, a smart businessman opt for hosting a corporate meeting to have a face to face talks with employees or clients. This helps them to connect with the respective people in a better way along with enhancing the level of bonding. Corporate parties are considered to be a great way to engage with business people, who are and who can help you to become successful.
Hosting a corporate party could be a difficult task, as the requirements of such parties are very different than the family functions. The music is usually very soft with simple and sophisticated decoration, continental food that is complemented by wines or high tea. This is where the need of reliable catering companies emerge that are expert in organizing such parties.

Catering companies venue

A good party catering Sydney service provider is capable of organizing a great and flawless event corporate party as they are well acquainted with the recent trends and stay abreast of domestic as well as continental dishes.   This way they leave a wonderful impact on the guests during the course of event. Organizing such grands events need a lot of energy, planning and quick action while eliminating the scope of any kind of error.

Food remains the soul of any event, the catering service providers have their own team of cooks, who are qualified in cooking mouth-watering dishes. A good caterer always provides fresh food that is cooked in-house. This way they make sure that the quality is not compromised anywhere. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Benefits of Using Finger Food Catering In Your Event

Finger Food Catering
No matter if you are a rookie or seasoned veteran for the specific requirement of event planning, you will always find the event management very challenging. It is very difficult for an individual to carry out a successful event on his/her own without taking the help of others as event management requires team work. So it is advisable to delegate some of the tasks to other people and take a supervisory role rather than taking all the burden on your head.

Finger food catering is a best way to for an event planner to take professional catering services and this way you can handover the catering duties to professional and expert hands. Such services are very beneficial, if you are hosting a big event and expecting a large number of attendees. They have the talent to satisfy the taste buds of every individual through their specialized menus that has vegetarian, fish and other meat dishes. The catering features a wide range of options from hot, cold and even gourmet selections. Another benefit is, customization of menus or selection of the dishes that can attract most of the attendees. 

BBQ Finger Food Catering

Budget plays a crucial role on every event and it is an important component of event planning. The finger food menus offer great opportunity to grant you complete control over the budget and you can alter the menu according to your budget. This way you get the flexibility to utilize your budget smartly as the money you save in catering, could be utilized in other areas like decoration. So, finger food as many benefits that can grab the attention of any event planner. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Finding the Best Catering Company for Finger Food Catering

BBQ Finger Food Catering

In the past few years, finger food catering has become a trend and something that every event host is recommended by the hired chef. There are several reasons or in fact, the benefits of going this way, but the path is certainly not easy. The first hurdle is finding the best catering company for this and for this, here are the steps that you can take.

Menu Selection

• The first thing to pay attention towards is the menu selection as experts say that this is definitely the most important thing to pay attention towards.
• This means that you need to look only for the companies that have vast menu options for different kinds of event.
• This is really important because events are totally different including their venue, guests, decoration, etc. and so should be their menu.
• Other than this, make sure that you only use a catering company that only uses great quality products.
• Experts assume this as a very important point because only with good quality raw material, it is possible to prepare delicious food items or organise BBQ finger food catering.
• For example, a great quality piece of organic, local fresh fillet steak doesn't need all the bells and whistles that certain chef's tend to put with them.

Quality and Experienced Staff

• Experts say that the next thing to pay attention towards is the staff, its quality and experience because, making or breaking the event would depend entirely upon them.
• The chefs coming towards you should be fully trained and aware of the newest dishes and latest preparation methods and techniques.
• The fact about finger food catering is that it really doesn't matter how good the raw ingredients are, if the catering company sends out an experienced staff to cook it.

Negotiate Upon Price

• Experts say that there is nothing bad in negotiating upon the price with the shortlisted catering companies.
• But while negotiating, you need to make sure that the staff does not compromise on the aspect of quality or quantity. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Arrange a Perfect BBQ Buffet with These Tips

BBQ Catering

Companies involved in offering catering services have evolved a lot and offering a number of other services other than traditional catering. They have also developed several kinds of catering and one of the most popular is the buffet catering. There are several reasons behind its popularity and the most prominent is that it gives time to have food and interact socially at the same time. Other than this, its versatility allows you to use it in any kind of catering like BBQ or even finger food catering. 

Finger Food CateringTo make sure that you get the best out of it, it would be important that you plan out the entire process with your expert and consider several very important points.

Determine the guest count

• For a successful catering, the most important thing to consider is the guest count.
• This will help you make sure that there is no shortage of food and even that the food is not wasted at all.
• The exact guest count is always impossible to guess, but experts from finger food catering companies say that an estimate should be given to the catering partner as early as possible.
• After determining the guest count, the team will keep a margin of +/- 5-7 percent and based on this equation they will determine the quantity to be prepared.

Determine the buffet kind

BBQ finger food catering experts say that you should also determine the kind of buffet to be arranged as early as possible and convey this to your contractor.
• There are options that you can either choose a normal buffet or a BBQ buffet. 
• The benefit of choosing a BBQ buffet is that you will make your event more relaxing and it also allows more interaction between your guests.

Other important points to note before organising a buffet type food arrangement are – 

• Pick the type of food for the buffet. 
• Make sure that your caterer is able to fulfil your request.
• Plan out the space for the buffet. 
• Brief your caterer on every single detail. 
• Make sure that your caterer knows what time he or she needs to set things up and what time to clean up the setup area. 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Tips on How to Arrange a Perfect Finger Food Catering

Finger Food Catering

Organising an event is not easy at all as there are hundreds of things to take note of. Amongst all of them, perhaps the most important is the catering part because as an event host, no one would appreciate his/her guests leaving the venue with empty stomachs. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid towards this and a trend that has become hugely popular in the last half decade is of finger food catering. In this catering, there is nothing like main course and food is served in smaller portions throughout the event. There are several benefits of such catering concept, but they can be availed only when the following points are taken care of by the catering firm.

The Type of Party

• Determining the kind of party they are going to cater, will help them determine the right menu for the event.
• This is really important these days because in different kinds of events, totally different kinds of foods are entertained.
• Therefore, it is important for the BBQ finger food catering company to determine the event and then, decide the menu while noting down the specifications of the event host.

Who is attending the party?

• The next thing that these finger food catering companies should take note of is who are attending the event.
• It might happen that people having different diet related restrictions and allergies to certain food items are going to be the part of their event.
• In such cases, it is important that they prepare separate menu for them after taking their restrictions and allergies into consideration.
• This would be a huge boon for the client, as he will stay assured that the entire guest list will get to eat what they want and nothing would be imposed on anyone.
• Additionally, they should try and keep the menu simple, yet alluring and healthy, if the event has more kids as guests or the event is only for the kids.
• Other than this, they should try to include a variety of dishes, such as savoury foods, desserts, pastries and bread based foods. 

Monday, 15 January 2018

Tips To Avail the Best Catering Services North Ryde

Arranging an event is not a small thing as the event host has to take note of hundreds of things. According to expert event planners, the host can leave all things aside and if he solely concentrates on the food department and arranges it in the best form, this would be a huge victory. The reason is that in modern day events, taste and food presentation have become the biggest parameters to judge its success and failure. Those who know this straightaway avail catering services North Ryde and they hire the best company by keeping the following points in their mind.

Catering Services North Ryde


Look for one who understands the event

  • The first tip to follow in this regards is that you should shortlist only the companies that specialise in your kind of event.
  • Hiring general caterer can also do the needful, but by hiring a specialist caterer for your event, you can make sure that all your worries related to food are over.
  • The reason is that every event is different and in order to provide good food, the caterer should be fully aware of that kind of event.
  • He should be fully aware of the most essential things required in such events.
  • Things can become even more complicated for them in case, you have organised a theme based party, but in that case too, they should have the competency to match your needs.
  • This means that you should avail catering services North Ryde from a caterer who takes a personal interest in understanding and fulfilling your needs.


Good Menu Options

  • Apart from a specialist caterer, the next thing to mull upon is the kind of menu and this is important because newer trends come up every second day.
  • In that case, the shortlisted company should be competent of customising the menu based on the requirements.
  • You need to make sure that the company should have a standardized menu that is regularly updated.


Other than this, some other things to mull upon while looking for catering services North Ryde.

  • Hire someone with an ample amount of experience to handle it.
  • Should be able to deliver tasty and elegant food.
  • Sampling the menu is important before finalising.
  • The caterer should be willing to schedule a tasting for you.